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National Cycle Windscreen

National Cycle Windscreen

'Okie-Rigged' Bracket for the National Cycle Harley-type Windshield
Mark Privratsky. and Lorenzo

  1. The angle iron stock is from some shelving material I had lying about. The template gives an idea of the type needed. I think any stock with these basic dimensions will suffice. the advantage of this particular style is that there are already slots machined in the long arms that will match up with the windshield's slots. I used a hacksaw and a grinder to shape the parts, I cut out the rough shape and ground off the excess.

  2. The short arms of the bracket attach to the two bolts which hold the front turn signals to the forks. This is a sturdy attachment, the bolts are long enough, and the height is just right for the shield mounts. I drilled the bottom hole on the short ear midway between the nbottom of the stock slot and the edge. I removed the turn signal mount, measured the distance between the bolt holes, and used this info to drill the top hole. THE HOLES MARKED ON THE TEMPLATE ARE NOT EXACT, JUST GUIDES - MEASURE FOR YOURSELF.

  3. I dry-fitted the parts together. I happened to hit the width just right. I purchased bolt, nuts, and fender washers to hold the shield to the brackets. I took the brackets off, did some filing on the rough edges, primered and painted them black. When dry, I bolted it all up with my shiny new fasteners and voila. The long slots on the shield itself make adjustment easy, I used aeronuts to combat vibration.

  4. Speaking of vibration...The lever arm of the windshield is quite long, from the forks to almost head high. I only noticed real shaking when hitting speed bumps or potholes. To decrease this headshaking, I split a piece of black tubing and slid it along the bottom edge of the plexi where it contacts the headlight box. Also I had a 2"x2½" piece of dense black foam rubber; this fits between the plexi and the back of the idiot light column. These are probably not necessary, but I had them handy and I was on a roll. the foam tends to dampen vibration under normal circumstances by reducing the length of the lever to about half.
A machinist with a modicum of skill could crank out a ton of these in little time, at least enough for any XSIVE demand. The new Windshield from National is too rich for my blood, but I had one handy and had nothing to lose. I am quite pleased with the results and far prefer it to my cheesy handle-bar mounted "wind deflector" shields I used to have. And since I still have all my hair and my original teeth, I'm not yet ready for a fairing...~Lorenzo~