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Rear brakes not releasing?

Rear Brake not releasing?
by Gary Granger

When I first got my XS the rear brake master cylinder rod was adjusted wrong. It had a very slight amount of pressure on the plunger all the time. This caused the rear brake disc to get warm, but I did not notice it right away. One day I rode 2 up and the additional weight was enough to cause the brake disc to get super hot and almost lock up. I could not get the caliper off and had to open the bleeder to get the caliper to release.

The reason the linkage had been moved was a set of Jardine slip-ons were installed, and the brake pedal hit on the mufflers. I simply but a washer behind the brake pedal to bring it out slightly and it did not touch anymore, then I adjusted the rod properly, and had no more problems.
Gary Granger
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