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Originally Posted by thumperjsa View Post
So it's time I start listing parts I have for sale. Got too much stuff and need to get rid of some. Here's some of the bigger items I took some pics of today that I need to start with.

2H7 engine (someone got a chunk out of the lower near the alternator but still a strong running engineering
4-1 exhaust
4-2 exhaust

Link to OneDrive account to view items.!AlJOnaAiPMWRguMOh2_mohQNgFcKJw
Frame has been sold. I took pics of lots of parts today. Take a look. There's a lot there, yet still not all. I also have seats and more side covers to take pics of. Plus lots of carbs and a couple of full carb sets. No reasonable offer will be refused. I've got a locker I want to empty out. I'm probably going to cut the mufflers off the 4-2. The headers are in nice condition, but mufflers, not so much.

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