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2 Rules 2 Ride By... Live By

Part II...

If nothing else, I try to always ride with these two rules in mind...

1) Everyone else on the road is out to get you. Keep your eyes in constant motion, know what and who is in your immediate vicinity (cars, trucks, buses, bicyclists, pedestrians, radar cops - in front, behind, to the left, to the right, look up (aircraft surveillance, birds, large bugs and swarms of bugs), look down (small animals, children, toys i.e. balls, kites, RC cars, etc.) traffic signals, stop signs, people not slowing down, people not speeding up (green light), 'cause they've got you in their cross hairs; and,

2) Don't give anyone the opportunity to use the 'excuse' that they "didn't see you". It is my personal belief that, all daylight and dusk riding be done with the headlight 'high beam' activated and, (unless you're trying to hide from someone) auxiliary lighting should be installed and USED for ALL daylight, dusk and nighttime riding (as long as your charging system can take it - the use of LED's helps). The brighter and more visible you are, the less likely you'll be missed by and amongst the masses.

Attached (hopefully) is a pic of the front end of my bike, with the high beam activated and, a set of LED driving lights installed. I've been told by a number of people that, with the LED's, I could be seen - during daylight hours - from a distance of at least 1km. (5/8 mile).