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Eyeopener TC Should be published.

My neighbour wears a safety vest riding...I can't get to that point. As a surveyor I work in and around traffic and equipment constantly. Many cars have still come straight at me regardless of what I am wearing. I am thankfull that I have never trusted traffic and as such am still able to post. (One time I was working in the centre of a subdivision road (40kmh/25mph zone), 3:00 pm..just as school was letting out, and almost got clocked by a cop.)

Its my own personal opinion that driving a vehicle has become too easy and the manufacturers have been forced by legislation to create weapons that compensate for the ineptitude of many drivers. Although abs, traction control, etc. have their merits I wonder if they have actually contributed to high incidence of driver inattention that I witness constantly.

As has been said many times, and as I have told my neighbour in response to his distaste of my black leather riding attire, the onus is on the rider to see everything before it happens and not to rely on others seeing the rider. Ride as if everyone wants to kill you. Famous last words.... his right blinker was on but he didn't turn
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