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Lightbulb Wip


Thank's for the heads up!

The parts are arriving for the brake system overhaul and Chacal sent the brake lines PDQ. It was simple enough to figure out what I needed from the link you posted. After a few e-mails I bought the new brake lines and the order was shipped so fast the brake lines won the shipping race with parts I ordered a week ago. It was probably the cool XJ engine logo on the outer package seal that did it -- outstanding!

Priority Mailed braided stainless steel sheathed brake lines.

Front and Rear are O.E.M.-style three front lines and two rear lines that will connect to the original rear hard line and mounting tabs on the swing arm.

This is nice. When all of the rest of the parts I've ordered are actually here in my hands then I'll start tearing down Columbo.

-- Scott

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