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fuse box?

I recently had the same problem on the 81LH that I am working on. It was a troubleshooting challenge, but what I found was that the fuse box was the problem. The fuse holder spring clips have lost their tension or have corroded and are no longer conducting. Specifically the 20 amp turn signal fuse holder. You’ll have to check the voltage on the wires themselves coming into and going out of the fuse box terminals, not on the fuse itself. Replacing the fuse box brought back my green neutral and red oil pressure lights as well as the brake lights and turn signals. A sure way to test this theory is to jumper in a 20 amp fuse with a couple of alligator clip jumper wires, but again, not on the fuse or fuse holder itself, it has to be on the wires coming in and out of the fuse box.

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