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Hey Krawler,

What we were saying is that the OEM bars you had on there were for a STANDARD XS11, the Specials used some taller and more pull back curved bars that look like they belong on a ROTOTILLER!! Are you saying that you put on 1" thick bars, or did you get 7/8" sized ape hangers?? Because, the Harley switches will be sized for the 1" bars, but will be too loose to fit a 7/8" bar!

Now I need to ask about HOW you did the resurfacing of the brake rotors??

Yeah, we highly recommend getting your front brakes working, they provide well over 60% of your braking force which you'll need to get your Harley Eater slowed back down after a blast!

Are the LED's in the tail light a fixed size or NUMBER, or can you mod it to put in different bulbs? There are brighter LEDs out there now than a few years ago. However with that small of a surface area for the lights to be exposed, visibility...being seen is definitely in question and a fun having some cage run up your back because they couldn't see your brake lights in the SUN!

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