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As DGXSER said, STOCK rings are very hard to find, and will probably cost about $75 to $100 PER PISTON if you can get them. A big bore kit will help, in that you have new rings to go with the bigger pistons. That is also a $$$ way to go, about $650 now, but it will give you more HP and Torque. Cams can be had, but you MUST have a "core" cam to send out. They will be welded and reground to a different lift and duration. Stock '78/79 cams are the "hottest" of the engines, but the '78 advance had an extra 5 degree over the other years. You can also have the crank balanced, and the rods shot peened to relieve stress. I spent about $850 for that on a set that will be going into a '78 engine.
Trying to do an engine WITHOUT spending over $1500 is a trick! there was a member here that spent over $5K on his engine, with all the dyno time counted in. His bike was fast, but it still wasn't as fast as the "new" 1 liter/over bikes. It just had a LOT MORE CLASS!
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