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Originally Posted by mwsxj1100j View Post
Well, it has been a while since I last posted anything. My XJ 1100 is running as best as can be expected. I do notice that under acceleration even when the engine is warmed up under acceleration in any gear the engine stutters. I am thinking that since this bike has a vacuum driven electronic ignition advance that there may be an air leak in the hose that runs to the boost sensor. Although I am not sure.

I did eliminate the fuel octopus vacuum fuel shut off which now in hindsight I looking to replace since if I do not turn my fuel Taps off the carburetors overflow in the engine floods after sitting for a certain amount of time also that I do notice that fuel leaks. I want to replace the vacuum operated fuel shut off unfortunately I lost the spring to said shut off does anyone know if I could just grab a spring out of a pen with that work?

But as for the stuttering does anyone know what could be causing this other than that she works fine except for the popping out of first gear if I go over 3000 RPM I believe there's a bent shift Fork that when I have the money and the time and the ability to maybe have the fork replaced.

I still have issue with clutch slippage under hard acceleration in 2nd gear but I think that since first gear is acting stupid with the FED Fork I start out in second gear I think which is probably prematurely wearing the clutch. So I take of slowly. But if anyone knows what could be causing the shuttering or stutter that's what you want to call it it be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much have a happy and safe 4th of July.
.....gotta' correctly fix all those issues before even thinking about a diagnoses.
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