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Nice! No better feeling then seeing things were in good condition and putting fresh oil back in.

Last weekend I synced the ZRX carbs, new rear tire, threw on some larger-diameter hand grips for my big paws.

Cleaned the chain really well, wiped down thoroughly, and used a product called ACF-50. It's a military grade spray that you wipe on with a rag and provides a great clear non-tacky film so the chain will not pick up all the road crud. A bunch of guys on the ZRX forum have been using it and results for the past few years have been great in terms of chain life not being affected compared to normal spray lubes. As long as you keep those o rings and x rings protected the grease stays inside the pins.

I am running fancy synthetic oil in the bike, Greg. Haha. Had it analyzed (at 5000 miles) last fall when I changed it and found I can leave it in there for an easy 5000 miles and have plenty of active additives remaining. The analysis showed normal wear numbers on the different metals in the engine. I won't be changing the oil before the rally, that'll put me right about 5000 miles when I get home. The benefits of liquid cooling and tight tolerances, LOL.

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