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Password Changes - Logging in

I had a couple of problems.
- Password re-set works; it e-mailed me a new (temporary) password
- However, logging in gives me an error page. I find that if I log in with "Remember Me" box checked, and when I get the error page I click on "go to the web site" and I do get in and it works fine.
- BUT, when I try to change my password to something I know, it won't let me.

So I saved the e-mail where the site sent me a "temporary" password, and I use it every time. I click on "remember me" when I sign in, then click on go to the site from the error page, and I am in every time.

As long as I can always get in, no problem; but it would be nice to know that the site is maintained and will always be here. is the best!
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