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Originally Posted by xs11bobber View Post
That's what I've been trying, but when I look at my Clymer's wiring diagrams, the all appear to only have 1 red wire upfront and that goes to the "main switch" where I have 2. The Tans are for the Hi Beams, both stops, neutral, tach, oil light, main switch, and horn. I've labeled the hi beams, rear stop, neutral, tach, and oil light. The problem is when I wire up the key ignition I'll still have a Red, Blue, Tan, Green/White and only a front stop to wire which is 2 wires.
Hi Josh,
green/yellow & tan = front stop switch
green/white & black = speedo reed switch
But the second blue & red wires in the 1980 & 1981 harnesses are to hook up extra lights on a fairing that your bike don't have.
So long as those wires have insulated connectors on them leave them lie in the headlight bucket.
The dreaded PO had removed the connector from my spare red wire so ~1/8" of bare wire was hanging out.
An intermittent dead short is a really annoying thing to have.
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