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Originally Posted by xs11bobber View Post
I'm sorry, I was wrong all along. I guess that's what I get for working on the bike in the dark between 11pm and 4am with the trouble light hanging from the handlebars, lol. I just went out in the pouring rain and looked. This connector has 2 Red/White's, Red/Yellow, bLue/Black, bLue/White. When I look at my '79 diagram, I see the "handlebar switch, right" has the 2 Red/White's and bLue/White. Now the question is do I hook up the bLue/Black in place of the black in the diagram and where does the Red/Yellow go? I notice the Black in the diagram is also running to a lot of the front lights. And also, none of them have a place for a Red/Yellow. I notice that the Red/Yellow goes from the "relay" (whichever one that would be) to the fuse box, which come right back from there as Red/White and Tan.
Again, thank you so much Fred.
Hi Josh,
all black wires are ground wires. So no, as a blue/black is not necessarily a ground wire I doubt it would work right.
See the wiring diagrams' heavy black bars joining wires together? A black bar crossing 4 wires means it's a 4-way plug & socket connection & so on.
See the single box called "handlebar switch right" on the '79 diagram and the two boxes called "starter button & "engine stop switch on the '80 diagram?
They are two different depictions of the same unit and they both have 2 x red/white, a blue/white & a black wire that cross a black bar (that is, they join same-coloured wires via a 4-way connection) and have those same-colour wires leading away into the harness.
Now I have looked for a 5-way black bar on my '80 diagram and there simply isn't a 5-way bar with those colours of wiring going through it.
What is the provenance of this allegedly 1980 harness?
I suspect it is an orphan.
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