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Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
I am not going to do it myself, the guy i got the carbs from is going to do it for me, he has a full machine shop and builds drag bikes for a living. yeah the last thing i need is to mess up my new carbs. so i will leave it to the pros. and i will ask him what he had to do to set the carbs for the single cable. I have to call him tomorow and will ask him then. on thing about my carbs is that they were originally set up to be used on a legands race car, and as far as i know all he did was to put in a heavier spring in it for the single cable to work, but i will check.
If you can get a picture at some point that would help too! Sounds like your going to have a nice bike when he's done. If you can, ask what jets are in them too (your motor is stock right?). Did they come off a XJ1100 or 1200? Thanks!
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