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Brake Pad Examination

Brake Pad Examination
By Ken Talbot

On 21 Jul 2001, at 1:52, Ben Matthews wrote:
I tried to inspect if the pads are worn but the manual just says "look and see if they are worn to the *red*," but I cannot see any red down in the assembly anywhere. Even cleaned out spiderwebs and dust. Is there a clear pic of what I am supposed to be looking at?

The pads are made with a wear indicator groove which you should be able to see through the inspection port on top of the caliper.

If they're worn down so the groove is gone, it is time to replace them.

You may or may not find a 'groove', as many aftermarket pads don't have one. No groove, replace if either pad is 1/16" or thinner.

Good Pad showing indicator groove

Pad worn past indicator groove

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