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El cheapo Pod Filter mod (my version)

I got my hands on a set of the K&N knock off filters. I have seen posts about the rubber insert closing off the jet ports, so this tip will correct that issue. I also found the filters fell off the rubber piece too easily when installed.

Here is what I came up with. Took a spare airbox and removed the tubes:

I cut the tubes just aft of the retaining groove:

Removed the rubber insert from the pod filters:

Crammed the tube into the pod filter. It is a chore, but it will go. Much more snug than the rubber insert included with the filter.

Noticable difference in power. Nothing earth shattering, but there is a boost. This will likely lean out the mixture, so a rejet with bigger jets will probably be needed. I also found a breather filter that looks similar to these at Oreilley's, for about $10. Not bad for less than $50
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