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Splitting cases/Reassembly

I thought about posting this AFTER I'd already taken the motor apart, so this is the assembly. Teardown would simply be in reverse order.

*DISCLAIMER*: This info does not replace a manual for the bike. This is simply an order that I personally use on assembly and in no way saying it's the best or only way to do it. It's just some things that I've learned to look for when doing them, and along with these pics, might be helpful in conjunction with your manual.

In this case, we took it down to replace the crank bearings. This is the top half of the motor upside down. Remove all the old bearing halves. Make sure the case is clean and dry of oil before installing new bearings. A coating of oil on the back side of the bearings would change the clearances slightly.

When installing the new crank bearing halves, there is a notched area on the bearing that matches a notch in the case.

Just slide the notched bearing into it's matching notch and push the bearing into place. Try not to touch the actual bearing surface.

The 2nd bearing on the top side is where the saddle bearing goes. If the motor was right side up, it would sit on the top side between cylinders 3 and 4. This saddle bearing straddles the case and prevents sideways movement of the crank.

I use a wooden or plastic handle to gently tap the bearings to get them at the exact right height compared to the case.

*CRITICAL*: Make sure to inspect this O-ring. Make sure it's in good shape and there! This is the feed tube your oil pump attaches to. You want your oil going where it needs to be, not squirting out the sides back into your oil pan.

Make sure and lube the bearings up with some sort of pre-assembly oil or grease. I prefer white lithium grease, but STP oil treatment or Motor Honey works well also.

Next, pick the crank up by the main drive chain. Feed the smaller cam chain next to it through the cam chain galley. GENTLY set the crank into the bearings while feeding the piston rods through the holes in the top of the case.

If you don't get all the rods poked through the holes, they can get lodged under the case like this, and you'll have to raise the crank back up to get it out.

Next, take the starter clutch...

And set it into the main chain.

Make sure the main chain is situated correctly on the crank. This one is not on it all the way.

This is correct.

Next, take the starter clutch shaft and feed it through the starter clutch from right to the left as we are looking at the motor.

Install the gear.. don't forget this spacer that goes on first!

The gear will fit nearly flush, but not quite.

Install the washer, lock washer, and nut. Torque to spec. Don't forget to bend the lock washer up against the nut as a safety precaution.

Next, I set the top case of the engine aside and grab the bottom half. Clean and inspect... especially the dirt and oil from where the old bearing halves were.

To be continued....
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