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I was asked about costs...

Cost is a crap-shoot. I've scored full sets of bearings off Ebay for $50, and I've seen them selling (Or trying to) for $250. My closest Yamaha store still has the crank bearings for $12.50 for each half, so that's $112.50 (x9 halves) and @ $20 for the one saddle bearing for a total of $132.50.

The connecting rod bearings are now unobtainium, so your only resource there will be Ebay. Luckily, these rarely go bad, and probably why they quit making them. The conrod bearings are the same on XS/XJ1100 as the XS750 & 850.

New gears are another ??? if you go that route. Most just re-grind what they have, so there's no cost there if you already have a Dremmel (Or similar) tool. Seems like I found the crank seals for @ $6 a piece, but I stocked up on several of them at the time.

A tube of Threebond or Yamabond is 12-14 bucks most places and the replacement screws I use for the torx head.. a couple bucks.

The only other big price item that you'd need would be a gasket set, and you can figure roughly $100 for that depending on where you buy it. Even if you don't use any gaskets on the sidecovers and such and just use a liquid gasket of some sort, it will give you a new head gasket, the big orange O-rings that go on the base of the cylinders, and the new valve seals that are a good idea to replace. Buying them all seperately costs more than just getting a complete gasket set. One thing I've seen though, is some gasket sets include a gasket for the middle drive and some don't. I don't worry about that personally, as I quit using gaskets there long ago and just use the Threebond or Yamabond. Many prefer a paper gasket.

There's always costs you don't count in, like carb cleaner, lube, etc..., but I've always just got that stuff around anyway.
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