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1st Question is 'Is your Rev Counter working ??' If it isnt then you need to check the big white wiring plug behind the right side cover. It's a known trouble spot and will likely be melted and crumbling apart. It's easily located, just follow the stator wiring from the engine to the plug. If the rev counter is working then you need to check things like the regulator/rectifier, and the field coil.

A simple check, once establishing that the rev counter works, is to measure the voltage across the battery with a simple multimeter. You should have battery voltage (13.8 fully charged) at rest and idle, rising to 14.5v as the revs rise above 2000 rpm. If the voltage doesnt rise then it's likely your reg/rect is fried and you will need to talk to Geezer.

Get a manual from CatatonicBug (find any post from him and follow the link in his signature)

Good luck
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