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Originally Posted by cywelchjr View Post
That first hose is the drain for the middle drive. It's supposed to be fastened up just under the gas tank to prevent it from sucking up any water if you get in a bad place. There is a little bracket supposed to be up there that it goes under that holds it. The one off the back of the tank is the drain for the gas cap area, what with it being inset like that, it will fill up with water without that drain, it just needs to hang down where it can drip, preferably where it won't drip on your feet in case it's got gas running out of it.

As for the white plug (the big one), it's recommended that you pull it apart and make sure the contacts are nice and clean, it can look nice on the outside and be all dirty and green inside. Then again it could be just fine.
thanks for putting my mind at ease there...i went and pulled apart both of the plugs i thought it could be and this one looks okay except that its missing a prong in there

this one looked a tad melty and was a sonofabitch to get apart.
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