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Front brake fork upgrade mod continued!

And now here they are fully mounted to the bike, forks in the triple trees all assembled, and the adapter brackets and calipers mounted, plumbed and fully functional. There was still a bit of "fitting" the calipers to the adapter brackets (grinding) so that they would be properly centered around the rotors and not be rubbing or dragging.

This last view is a combined view from slightly different angles just showing the calipers from below.

My master cylinder was also slightly grunged up, had to clean it and the spooge hole out, refill and then bleed, bleed, bleed! BTW, when I did my initial bike restore/rebuild in 2000, my OEM MC was too far gone, I got one from a local bike breaker yard, but didn't realize/know at the time that the XJ MC was for only 1 caliper! It was a little soft with the OEM vinyl lines, but once I put on SS braided lines, it stiffened up nicely and was adequate for driving the OEM pair of calipers. There was a little bit more travel in the lever, but provided a little more "feel" in applying the braking force.

My first road test wasn't very impressive, but Steve reminded me that the new (used) pads needed to "BED IN" to the new rotor, and after several days of local riding, they seem to be getting stronger every day. Surprisingly my OEMs had a pulsing sensation and I thought that the rotors were slightly warped, but during the fitting process I spun the wheel many times and watched the rotors and they didn't appear to wobble sideways like a warped one would, and now the brakes are smooth and even when I apply them, no pulsating sensation!

The routing of the speedo cable is a bit more of a bend around the side of the caliper, I've got a new one on order along with a 6" extension so that I can route it BELOW the caliper for a more gentler bend coming from the fork/speedo drive unit. we can see that it's possible to mod the special's forks and make an adapter mounting bracket for some modern calipers, but unless you have access to a milling machine as well as a variety of other metal working tools, grinders, saws, etc., this particular mod is not easily done, and I would highly suggest you just buy the replacement pistons and rebuild kits and fix your OEM calipers, get some SS braided lines, rebuild your MC or put a new one on and call it a day!

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