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A variation is to have a machine shop cut a relief in the side of the 2nd gear that faces the clip the same size/thickness as the washer, then add a 2nd washer to the end up with a washer on each side of the gear. This way the 2nd gear does not ride against the clip, which is a concern for some people. Problem is the washer is discontinued from Yamaha, so you have to find one out of a junked tranny or find another one that fits. I have not found the thread, but a list member made up a few or had a source, will have to search past threads.

Anyway, you still end up with 2nd / 5th gear closer together but the 2nd gear can't rub the clip. When I had the work done on my gear the cost was about $25.00. I had a junked tranny that was the source for the washer. I took the washer to the shop so they could get the dimensions of the 'pocket' correct. Here is a photo of the cut gear:

Only a few people have done this 'extra' fix, but I thought I would pass it along for anyone interested.
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