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Originally Posted by Prothec View Post
You should be able to buy the copper core 7mm or 8mm plug wire by the foot in bulk at the major auto parts stores (O'Reilly, Advance Auto Parts, Autozone).

This is one of those items I look up on their website and grab the part number. I have no idea why, but this is a typical "we don't carry that" answer I get from them until I give them the part number. It's cheap and plentiful.

I have bought mine from O'Reilly.
Another advantage to picking some up at O'Reilly is their loaner tools. They might just have a spark plug wire crimping tool you can borrow and I know they sell the distributor coil type ends that will be needed for the coil end of the wires. A proper crimp will make it much easier to insert the wires into the coils. JAT
I think I have a loose screw behind the handlebars.

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