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Originally Posted by jontemple View Post
...As for the starter, I checked all the grounds and fuses, then shorted out the solenoid and it cranked right up. According to "Troubleshooting a Bike that won't crank" by Mike Hart, this is indicative of three things: the starter button, the ignition switch, or kill switch internals. Are any of these problems most usually the culprit? How can I go about determining which is malfunctioning?
It could be one of those three, but not neccesarily only those...

The power to both the ignition and starting circuit go through the kill switch. The starter solenoid is supplied with 12v power from this switch, and the starter button supplies the ground path when pushed. Neither of these switches are 'sealed' and can get corroded over time, so disassembling/cleaning them is always a good idea. If you're getting full battery power to the fuses, it's not the switch. Also check all the connections between the components; the handlebar control plug under the tank and the plugs at the solenoid.
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