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I am speaking from experience

One of our members, BTDTdan, who lives in my area had the very same problem. It was an 81 Special. He put the bike in a shop and they messed with the carbs, timing, etc... I know the shop owner, and asked him if I could look at the bike, he said ok. The first thing I did was remove the seat and there was a 2H7 TCI. I told him that it was the wrong TCI, but he said there was no difference in the TCIs. Instead of argue with him, I came home and went to YamaMama's parts site. I printed out the exploded views of both ignition systems, showing him the differences between part numbers of the TCIs. I told the member of what I found, and suggested he find a 4R0 module. He was able to locate one, and as soon as it was installed the problem went away. Wildkat's bike has a 78 engine in it and we had to swap all of the ignition components from the 81 engine onto the 78 engine, and there was never any problems with the performance.
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