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Well thats nice of the PO, just noticed that when he put it all together, he was nice enough to LINE UP ALL THE GAPS IN THE RINGS for me. Makes it nice and pretty to look at. Not the greatest if you want the engine to RUN PROPERLY but aesthetically pleasing at least. In the process of splitting the case, have not taken the engine out of the frame yet, getting at what i can while it is in there. Picking up the new/used set of jugs this Saturday. With luck will be riding in a fortnight or so, hurrah. Although my main riding buddy (other than wife) has had some minor surgery and will not be riding for a month yet, so that is my upper time limit for getting her road ready again, 1st August just to round out the numbers.
From reading all the info on these bikes, i am still not 100% sure on the exact model, i believe it is just a standard, but it has some of the Special model extras. Think she is just a Bitza. Decided, seeing as she is apart, and looked hideous before, to paint before putting back together also. Have sprayed 80% of the frame with gloss black engine paint, and flipping a coin to see if i paint the engine black and then dress the edges of the fins afterwards, or leave the engine aluminium colour... decisions, somebody make them for me! Leaning towards black engine and polising the face of the fins, think that will still be enough bling for me without hiding the engine completely.
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