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This used to be my brothers bike and they were working on the carbs last winter and the needles got jammed in the carbs so they had to drill them out and put in oversized needles. even if i only turn out the needles 1/4 turn, it's still running too rich. i've tried smaller mains and pilots and these carbs are still giving me trouble. i've spent money taking it into a bike place to get them to adjust it, they put a thing in the exhaust to tell what the fuel/air mixture is, and even they can't get it running right. i'm sick of messing with it and i'm ready to start with different carbs that are completely stock.

The reason that my brother was cleaning and working on the carbs was because it has 4 to 1 header with kerker exhaust with pod filters and it was running on the stock jets, so he was going to try the recommended jets for these mods and ran into some problems.

Needless to say, it ran better before than now, so i want to go back to stock and work from there. I've spent too much time and money on these and i want to start from scratch, it at least ran properly then.

I've tried everything from moving the floats up and down, to different jets and i got it as good as i can, if i adjust anything one way or another it gets worse. I have to have the jets and floats adjusted where it is best, but it still isn't right. it will idle at 3k rpm to 1100 rpm to 500 rpm(and kill) randomly and it drives semi-normal now, but i'm sick of messing with it. it still gives me problems at idle and i don't like having to feather the throttle at a stop light, or have it running at 3000 rpm, it's annoying.

I'm ready to spend the money and start from scratch, i've put enough money into these and i should've bought new ones from the get go. I guess you don't know till you try though. It's extremely frustrating.
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