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Check out the MODS section, since you have the Standard, the mounting points for the calipers are easier to make an adapter plate for putting on more modern/dual piston type calipers....the MOD tech tip shows how to do this with used Harley units! As stated, the next best thing is Stainless Steel braided lines. Rebuilding the MC and Calipers is good just to get them back into OEM condition/functionality. Drilling the rotors can remove a little weight as well as make them more functional in rain. New pads...but not SINTERED....those are designed more for racing applications and actually need to be stressed/heated up a bit before they work as well as regular material.

Drain the oil, remove the oil filter cup, this helps the bottom clear the frame easier. You can use a plastic crate and some 1" thick boards to wedge under the engine and then to be able to slide it across that if you want to keep the frame in a rolling status...wheels and such still on it. You could use some of those racheting type straps around the engine and frame to work like a mini hoist to get the engine up a bit IN THE FRAME to put the board under before sliding it out the side.

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