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There's another EP/Boundary additive no one seems worried about but it can make a wet clutch slip too. I suppose it's a sort of banana concentrate mopped up with 20 Mule Team Boraxo -- potassium borate.

I agree that the moly we should be worried about for wet clutches is the higher concentrations and the bulk stuff they basically knock off the rock before running it across a fine-toothed cheese grater hanging over a bubbling cauldron of oil.

I was searching for a Delo 400 VOA yesterday and ran across a thread on the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forum that made me laugh. The OP had a VOA done for a sample from a new jug of Chevron CJ-4 Delo 400 LE and he posted the result for posterity. After a nice long page and interesting banter, for the last post the OP finally lets everyone know that he was worried about high magnesium and moly levels in his engine oil and he had the VOA done for a baseline because he works at a copper/molybdenum mine and the moly gets into everything!

Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums > Diesel > 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel > Virgin Delo 400 Analysis

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