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I really liked Mobil 1 15W-50 in the ZRX. Shift quality stayed high for 5000 miles, which is when I changed it so no telling how long it may have gone fom that standpoint. But much easier on oil than the XS by a long site.

Using less expensive oil only makes sense in the XS with the necessitated shorter oil change intervals. Yamaha had it figured pretty well when they spec'd 2500 miles. The only time I had a real loss of shifting feel/precision/false neutrals everywhere, was at the Durango Rally, dang extreme hot temps at high elevation had the 15w-40, at the end of it's change interval, thinned out like broth I am sure. Shifting returned to "pretty good" for the ride home from the rally, and an oil change ensued the next weekend when CZ came down to assist with a valve check/adjust.

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