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Originally Posted by Garagamus View Post
Be aware, if you're looking for the cafe look, regular clubmans will not clear the standard tank. There is a company making extra wide ones specifically for the XS, but sorta pricey. I've got superbike bars with a 1" rise that look decent, but more importantly are comfy compared to clubmans. They can be made into nice cafe's, but still handle horribly at speed.
The previous owner installed the current clubmans and they seem to clear the tank reasonably well. I'm honestly not sure if that is because they are wider or what. My intentions are to use clip-ons eventually when I put a GXSR or R1 front end on, but that's at least a year from now. I still need to work out compatibility issues.

Thanks for the heads up!
79 F Cafe` project
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