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If you're clueless about what you're doing, then it is a very bad idea. For example, the R1 forks are shorter than the XS1100. What will that do to the handling? Look at the neck of the R1 frame. It is very long for a reason. The XS11 is short by comparison. Fixing the spindly forks will just exacerbate the next shortcoming. Unless you're a skilled fabricator and understand what makes a motorcycle tick, like Mathh on this forum, you may spend a lot of money and end up with junk.

On the other hand, you can improve the stock front end. Change the oil! Raise the level as it will stiffen the last 30% of travel. You can buy straight rate springs designed for your weight, rather than one size fits all progressive springs. P&D valves and a fork brace will bring it almost to the finish line. Light weight rotors will really bring it home. (Stock front brakes weigh 20 lbs ) Don't forget decent shocks!
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