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It really depends how sentimental the bike is to you. I don't think I could ever sell mine. Money does not talk, when it comes to my XS11.

The reason I say that, is if you're looking for a modern front-end, you should not stop there- go for a more modern bike period. If your bike has no sentimental value, sell it and buy something newer. I bought my first XS11 in running condition, for $1500? I've put at-least another $3-4k in it since. If ur not willing to spend the rest of that bikes life putting money into it, get rid of it, and buy something that may not need as much "improvements".

Then again, I bought my GSX-R brand-new, and did not put much into it. I bought ny Daytona used for $3500, and have put another $3k into it, in two years.
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