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Originally Posted by Outlaw4shrt View Post
take this for what it is worth, but grab any modern Yamaha front end (fz1, r6, R1, etc.) up to year 2008 (I can't vouch for anything after that but I would guess they are also about the same if not identical), take the oem xs1100 lower stem bearing (I'm trying to find some pictures), mount it directly on top of the oem modern forks stem bearing (all the stems I have seen are the same diameter), and then bolt it up. It's that simple. The newer forks have a longer steering stem, so I just stacked the bearings on top of each other and that was it.

IMHO, it doesn't matter what you do to the oem XS1100 forks, they will never out perform modern stuff, in particular the ability to mount a 17" rim and modern rubber, never mind the front brakes you'll get too.

In my limited experience a few years ago before I tore my bike down again (about 1000 miles), with a modern front end on this bike (based on your riding ability) can run with most anything on the street, even in the twisties until you get to fully committed knee dragging which you shouldn't be doing anyway regardless of what you're on (take it to the track).

If you look really close in this picture you can see the exposed lower bearing. This is a 2001-2005 FZ1 front end on my bike which I choose so that it would still "look" old by not being inverted, but still perform as well as anything else. They have a traxxion dynamics cartridge replacement kit in them and are awesome.
That looks bitching!
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