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Hey Scott,

I got my email/letter from Photobucket regarding the change to my account. The terms are dated July 5, 2017 which makes me think that they were supposed to be IN EFFECT as of that date? However, I just viewed a thread that you had photos in and they were still showing.

You mentioned that you were NOT going to be paying for the4 3rd party hosting feature, but you also said you didn't use that feature?

After reading the TOS and the descriptions of their plans, they describe the way WE USE PB with the Direct IMG links AS 3rd party hosting, not just linking, which is what will be stopped.

With the middle/Plus $99.00 plan, they will host/store the photos and allow just the posting of a LINK to a forum that will take the reader TO PB and to your account/library to view the photos there, they will NOT show up in the FORUM's posts.

Granted, it will probably take them some time to activate the features and restrictions, but I don't think we will be able to post and SHOW/display the images in OUR forum/site the way we've been doing it, because it will be deactivated(Direct linking=3rd party hosting).

I can't believe the PRICE they are wanting/trying to charge for that feature!

You can pay for a WEBSITE Hosting plan, storage and direct linking feature a whole lot cheaper. Granted, it will take a little bit more tech/NET knowledge and work to upload/store and then link to them, but would be a whole lot cheaper.

They(PB) will probably get a fair # of folks paying that fee because those folks have invested lots of time creating/uploading their photos, videos, already have the LINKS in place, and it's relatively easy to use/do, and probably many of those folks are NOT very tech/NET savvy, and wouldn't know how to use their own web hosting site.

With regards to the posts on our site that have the direct links, folks should still be able to FOLLOW the URL to PB to view them despite the URL being an IMG URL and not a Web URL link? We'll see when PB finally enforces their policy limitations.

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