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Ah, 79' SF ............ Sweet


Now that you know it runs I'd just park it until you do a good carb cleaning. That's likely where your main problems are. In the carbs. They need to be dismantled and cleaned.

Those intakes may "look" bad but that is likely on the outside. Probably not cracked all the way through. But you've got new ones ordered so that will at least eliminate future problems there.

Tranny. If you changed the Engine oil then we'll, that covers it. Task complete.

As for the Mid Drive and Final Drive you should change the gear oil in those drives.

I wouldn't mess with engine seals until you get it running good and get the bike out for a long run. Then see if you have leaks. Bikes been sitting and seals will soften after 500 miles of use. Or leak like a sieve. Electrical connections should be cleaned too. Maybe Big problems later if you don't

Look in the Maintenance Section and all you need to know is in there. Do you have an XS11 manual. A download version is available too. Search then follow link to download.

Good luck and keep us posted. If you get stuck or need help just post and likely your questions will be answered or get you headed to the spot where the info is on the site if you can't find it.

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