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Carb Cleaning


Just noticed that Crazy Steve's post of "Carb Cleaning 101 - Revised" is missing all the photos (probably because of the Photobucket rip off). I had pulled that whole post down and put it in a Word document if you would like it.

I also have a really good .pdf file showing cleaning of the same carbs but from a Suzuki.

If you send me your email I will happily forward them to you.

Seems imposing but courage and a little patience and you'll be an old hand. Also remember the "rule of 3." When you are cleaning/rebuilding carbs it generally requires removing and tinkering three times before they are just right.

Good luck,

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Sold all my XS's to Eastcoaster but still love to keep up with you guys. This is the best cycle forum on the web.
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