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Scott/3Phase may still be busy visiting his father and/or nursing his XJ back home from XSSE, so that's why he may have not seen/answered/replied yet.

Like Motoman said, you will want to start at the battery. Then go to the fuseblock and check both sides for the ignition circuit. Don't forget the emergency cut of switch at the handlebar IF you still have it wired into the harness. Then at the TCI, there's a diagram somewhere showing the pinout for the TCI so you know which wire to check, but with you customizing the harness, it may be difficult to identify which wire is which.

If you are running ACCEL coils, AND they are the 3.0 ohm type then you should have removed/bypassed the ballast resistor, this way the coils can feed off of 12V ALL of the time. Like Skids said, the coils and TCI both need about at least 10.5V or more to be able to function.

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