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Originally Posted by AggiesaurusRex View Post
Yep, ballast is gone.
My Red/Yellow is 0.02 after switching the key on, with the starter held it climbs to 8V.
My bottom Red/White (on bottom pin in TCI) which leads to my pickup coils reads 11.2, if I press the starter it dives down to 8 or 5.
My top Red/White (top pin) which leads to coils reads 0.1, if I press the starter and hold this jumps to 8V.
Anytime I press the starter I can here the solenoid click as it should. I've cleaned all grounds and ground connections. I also tested my voltage across my fuse box. I have 12.5 into in, 12.5 out to the key, 11.6 back in (this is a three-way branch, and 11.6 back through the other side. What's eating my voltage? When testing the Orange/Grey/White and Red only reads 2V.
Is there other things I should start to check? Help you genius gurus!
STOP/Run switch completes circuit. Remove, take apart and clean contacts and cruddy connections. Notorious location for voltage drop as is its plug-in located top right of frame under fuel tank.
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