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ok I'm not going to lie, this post makes me a little sad

I'm a younger rider and new to the XS1100; so far all I've done is ride it home, then tear it apart. I was hoping the restore would be done by now but, as always, it's taking longer than expected. My goal is to get it back to factory-spec, ride-able, and reliable condition. Then, I'm hoping to keep it going for years to come.

This site and it's members was instrumental in me choosing an XS1100 and starting to restore it. If I hadn't found this site, I probably wouldn't have bought the bike. Seeing how much information was available on this site and how helpful the members were was definitely a selling point for me.

I'm also in the Facebook group but consider it a supplement, not a replacement, of this site. I often find people go there for quick "give me the shortcut" type answers. I've sometimes pointed them to this site and other times not bothered because if they really want to know, the information isn't that difficult to find.
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