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Originally Posted by Wildkat View Post
And the beat goes on...
That was nine frikkin years ago
Let it go
Y’all were being jerks
We lost a lot of our members because of you and the rest of the jerks dogpiling on members. We got a lot of complaints. Stop acting like a beat dog.
You were a jerk. You got banned. Now you’re back and have been for years.
Stop wearing that ban like a crown and remember you were banned for a reason

It’s too bad others were banned in the process but TC made a bad decision. It’s over.
Stop being so sanctimonious. You and ben should start your own self righteous riders club.
ivan deserved his ban. He was beyond belligerent and hateful. russ didn’t deserve it. He was never here. harry got Vince banned by using his account and hiding behind it. tod didn’t deserve the ban. He’d cooled off and hadn’t been as much of a jerk.
The biggest change in this site came in 2010. Right after you showed up, greg
You got the site you wanted
A lot of good people stopped coming here because of you

Hmmmmmm.............looks a lot like anger and hate to me. But, what does a sanctimonious jerk like me know.

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The list changes.
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