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Originally Posted by madmax-im View Post
back in 2016 Kurt was redoing my bike..when it came time for me to pick it up I had arranged with Vinny to stay the night..I didnt know Jeff knew him and Jeff didnt know we were riding to Vinny's place via Jeff's Atlanta twisties tour...So imagine my amazement when we all met and found out how we are interconnected...Tom aka Vinny has a great place for motorcyclists to stay..and the man is one helluva a carpenter... The next a.m. when it was time to leave..we rode to Blairsville and Vinny bought me breakfast..wouldnt let me pay a dime..but I insisted on leaving the tip...
You oughta' know better Ben, beings your location.....when down in southern states, when other local party offers to buy the meal, you just say THANK YOU!
Not doing that implies.......well surely you know the rest.
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