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Soon I'll be listing stuff

I came across a package deal for bikes and parts I couldn't turn down. Two of the bikes I plan to keep as well as some parts. One was a donor parts bike with some help from a friend has been stripped for parts.

Here's are some of things such as a Florida titled frame from a 79 special, a unrepaired pickup coil looking to be in very good condition, seats, exhaust systems, front (special) and rear wheels, clutch baskets, complete engine and many, many other parts. Some stuff that was NOS (not much), some in very good condition and some in fair condition. I don't see much listed in parts wanted but when I see someone posts parts available, people start asking for all sorts of stuff.

Just so everyone knows, I'm in South Florida so shipping is likely needed. There's not a lot of S. Florida people on this forum.

What's a titled bike frame worth to people nowadays? eBay prices I see sold from $150 go up to $300 plus killing on shipping. I'll get some pictures together soon and post them. I'd rather offer them up here first before eBay. I've got a lot of help over the years from people on this site so I'd rather list here and help out here first. I'll try to get some pics up this week.
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