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Wasn't that I ignored you...
Had my hands full at the time with my mom...she fell and broke her leg, and the following week was the beginning of her catarac surgeries.
Taking her for her checkup exam today...
So far, that's been 8 different trips to South Tulsa, alone.
Then there's been the trips for her leg...
Then all the bill paying, groceries, errands....

No time for fun time in South Carolina for me this year.
Maybe next year...?

Cody couldn't this time because of all his personal stuff that was happening.
Just wasn't in the cards. Bad timing for us.
Shame I missed seeing your attempt at testing out an XS11 as a dual-sport, huh? Sounds like it was a wild ride!
Sorry you got hurt, bro. That sucks.
Glad you survived!

I've been wanting to take a weekend ride to either Eureka, or Talimena, or both if I could get free to do it....before it gets too cold.
Weather's already starting to change though. Talimena Drive sucks when it's foggy, ya know!

We'll see, I guess.

Hope you heal fast, and things get better for you soon.
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