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Originally Posted by DiverRay View Post
In 1974 I rode one from California to North Carolina in six days. A windshield would have helped a LOT, but other than that it was fun. I was able to ride six and seven hundred miles per day on it. I did have the '74 tank on mine, as it was one gallon larger than the stock XS1-B.
I wouldn't mind one again for shorter day trips on secondary roads. They handle pretty good and are fun to ride.
600 or 700 mile days? Wow thats pretty Spartan...amazing what we got away with when we were young...
My plan is downsizing from 500+ lb bikes to something lighter..these bikes harken back to a simpler time..and the pure essence of riding..2 lane roads.. and the VYR every year..and just banging around local backroads ... If nowhere else i will get to test ride one at the VYR in Sept...
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