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The XS650 has as good or better support as any vintage Japanese motorcycle. It has Mike's XS, 650 Central, Heiden Tuning, Hoos Racing, etc. providing parts. It has the Yamaha 650 Society since 1978. (Yow saw the banner at VYR) Society members pay dues and get a newsletter and several rallies. There are also several XS650 forums.,, XS-650 Garage to name a few.

I rode mine to my 25 year HS reunion (a long time ago). It was 2100 miles round trip. It broke down a couple of times, so I would remember the trip.

It is no bike for the superslab. If properly turned, vibration can be managed with the shift lever. It can be driven to the end of the earth at 50-60 mph. It is capable of 100+ mph in proper tune. No fun at continuous 70+. 475 lbs for the late Special. The early models weigh much less, but have rubber frames.

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