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K&N Pods

Originally Posted by IanDMacDonald View Post
Dan- Are those K&N pods? Interesting to see extensions with already well-designed pods. I assumed the extensions were only used to get around the Emgo lip blocking the air jet?
These are K&N pods and fit the carb's 54 mm bell's perfectly without any so called lip interference like the cheapo filters have.
Some of the cheap pod filters are also very restrictive particuarly the foam type. I heard so many opinions about pod filters I had to try them on a dyno for myself and they are worth the effort.

Think about this, Dyno Jet recommends 128 mains for a mildly modded motor and a header in their stage II kit and 138 for the stage III pod deal.
When you consider the jet size increase it's obvious the motor is passing some gas with the stage III pod deal.

Mention is made the Dyno Jets are measured differently than a Mikuni jet is and you can't compare one to the other however a 138 Dyno Jet is roughly comparable to a 130 Mikuni. The Dyno Jet needles are the key to making the carbs work with a big cam because of the additional overlap and the needles are where Dyno Jet spends most of their research.

The extensions are 3.75 inches long and come close to matching the length of the tubes in the stock air box which are 4.25 in. long. Actually the filters have a quarter inch radius at the base and the filters lip is .625 inches long and so to make a long story short, the extensions are worth 4 inches as I have them installed and the out board filters cannot extend any further back because of the bike's fram.

When you get rid of the stock air box and go to pods you lose some low and mid range because of the shorter intake trak but the extensions get the low end back and the top end with the prescribed Dyno jet kit is very strong.

The down side is pods are not rain friendly unless you use so called rain socks on them which kills air flow but I'm a horsepower junkie and my killer XS is a fair weather hot rod.

Mention is further made that some of the new fuel injected hypo bikes have huge air boxes with fresh air (ram air) tubes and the bikes intake is covered by body work and consequently the pod filters won't work in that application because they would be buried beneath all that plastic.

God I love this stuff!

Thank's again for the tip.

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