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Side Covers & Pod Filters

Originally Posted by IanDMacDonald View Post
Dan- From the pic, I cannot tell if that is a special or standard. Would you consider putting the side cover chrome back on to hide the pods? I always liked that on my 750/850 hiding the pods. However, on my GS750, that was not an option.
The K&N pods stick out too far on the out board sides to wear the side covers plus the side covers would hinder air flow to the out board carbs.

I agree that the chrome covers are slick looking but in my case the air flow outweighs the asthetic appeal of the chrome side covers.

My bike is a Special and I bought it new in 1981 but hardly anything is original on the poor thing including the 79 Special speedometer I put on when I got the bike that has only 37,000 miles on it.
Somewhere on this site I posted the bikes statement of origin and at the time John could not believe I still had it.

I saw your pictures and you have some great bikes.

I had a new Honda 1100F and I've always thought it was the most beautiful bike I've ever owned and it was darn quick for it's day but unfortunately it suffered an early demise.
81 Black "1179" Xcessively trick Super Special. One owner (me).
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