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I found it under "Gold Car Door Edge Guard Trim 8' Full Size U Shape" on eBay. Seller is carbeyondstore. US$15.95 for 8', enough for several bikes and available in gold, chrome, black and clear. Search for U Shaped Car Door Edge Trim and you'll find a bunch though these prices were the best and they shipped from N America. Some are from China and questionable.

I've found measuring the original with a string is best, folding it in half, marking the half way point on the string with a felt pen, placing the half way point in the center of the tank and then running the string to one end or the other on the sides. Mark that and THAT is where you start pushing it onto the rim, not in the center. This way it will install easily and centered. The U channel is not exactly equal. I put the slightly shorter side outward as that dimension matches the original molding the best. The "longer" side is on the inside and can't be seen. Just a suggestion.

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